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Is Your Doctor Providing the Quality Care You Need?

Arizona Care Network (ACN) is a group of doctors and care facilities that work together with your health insurance provider to improve healthcare and reduce costs by actively managing care for our patients.

Our Vision

  • Provide high-quality, coordinated care for patients
  • Meet specific care standards that are set based on proven protocols and measures designed to enhance care quality
  • Reward providers who improve population health by meeting those standards
  • Avoid unnecessary duplication of services

What Sets Us Apart

ACN is a joint venture of Dignity Health and Abrazo Health. These two healthcare systems came together to create ACN because they have a vision to:

  • Improve population health with high-quality care
  • Enhance the patient experience
  • Manage the rising cost of care
  • Improve provider satisfaction

We call this the “Quadruple Aim” and everything ACN does is measured against how well it supports one or more of these aims.

ACN’s Care Coordination team is another thing that differentiates us. The care coordination team is made up of healthcare professionals who become part of your healthcare team by assisting you with a full range of services to support your doctor’s recommendations. This leads to an improved overall healthcare experience at a more affordable cost. Eligible patients never receive a bill for care coordination services.

What Our Care Coordination Team Does

ACN’s Care Coordination team works with your doctor to connect you to the care you need to prevent health problems, treat new conditions, and guide you through transitions of care when moving from one healthcare setting to another. These transitions of care can carry a high risk because you are changing healthcare providers, may have new medications, and new instructions to follow.

The Care Coordination team is part of your healthcare team, giving you individual support from:

  • Registered Nurses
    • Offer support in managing and understanding your health conditions
    • Help during discharge and other transitions of care with medication education, care planning, and more
  • Patient Navigators
    • Help you find the right provider
    • Identify gaps in care
    • Find resources or resolve roadblocks

Call the ACN concierge at 602.406.7226 to speak with a navigator.

  • Social Workers
    • Identify things in your life that impact your health (called social determinants of health)
    • Connect you to the right community resources for transportation, healthy meals or other needs that may affect your health
  • Behavioral Health Coaches
    • Integrate your medical and psychosocial needs to help you better manage your overall health
    • Attend medical and behavioral health appointments with you (if you wish)

Are You Eligible?

If you are a Medicare beneficiary and your primary care provider is part of ACN, you are already eligible for ACN services! We also work with a variety of commercial payers. To find out if your primary care provider is part of ACN or to see if you are eligible for ACN services under your insurance, contact our Concierge at 602.406.7226 or email

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