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Individual and Group Plans

To better manage the rising cost of care, Arizona Care Network strategically partners with accountable care organizations (ACOs) to provide affordable employer-sponsored plans, Medicare Advantage plans, and individual and family plans.

By partnering with Arizona Care Network, commercial payers can offer insurance plans that incentivize provider networks to deliver quality care at a lower cost. This benefits the patient, the payer, and the provider. ACN helps reduce costs by focusing on preventive screenings, eliminating unnecessary tests, and coordinating in-network care. This care model is known as value-based medicine.

Value-based medicine requires close collaboration between payers and providers. With the collective goal of better care at a lower cost, payers and providers work together through:

  • Patient engagement and outreach
  • Data sharing
  • Technology tools and resources

ACN currently partners with the following commercial payers:



Employers Health Network



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