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Welcome, Intel Connected Care AZ Members!

People want a better healthcare system: access to great doctors who deliver high quality care, better coordination among providers, and a way to reduce rising costs. Together with Intel, Arizona Care Network is creating A Better State of Care.

Important Announcements and Reminders:

  • Flu shot reminder! With the ongoing spread of COVID-19, this vaccine is even more important this year.
    • Find more information from the CDC about flu prevention and flu vaccine facts here.
  • Dignity Health is offering free Virtual Care visits for Mild COVID-19 Symptoms.  Please refer to our Dignity Health COVID-19 site for information on coronavirus and how to access these Virtual Care visits:
  • Many physicians in your network now offer scheduled visits by telephone or video. View the list of participating providers offering telehealth services.

Why Connected Care?

  • Lower Cost, Higher Value
    Members enjoy lower deductibles, co-insurance percentages, and out-of-pocket maximums compared to other plans. In addition, only Connected Care members enjoy 100% coverage on preventive care and certain preventive medications. See a list of covered medications here.
  • Quality Providers, Both Local and National
    Quality, accessible care is available through Arizona Care Network, an extensive network with over 5,500 local healthcare providers. In addition, nationwide coverage for routine and emergency care is available when traveling, or for dependents living elsewhere. Find a Provider on the Connected Care website.
  • Coordinated Care, Focused on You
    With a patient-centered medical home approach, your care team is led by your primary care physician who collaborates with any specialty care providers, and uses various means of technology to support your care. They get to know you and strive for continuity of care. This approach is beneficial whether you’re managing a chronic condition or you’re healthy and simply aiming to stay well.
  • Concierge, at Your Service
    The Connected Care Arizona Concierge is a one-stop resource to help you find a doctor who’s right for you and your family, answer questions about benefits and claims, verify eligibility, process ID card requests, and more. To speak with the Concierge team, call 1-800-974-4517 every Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Who We Are

Arizona Care Network (ACN) is a group of doctors and other healthcare providers who work together to improve the health of our members and reduce costs by actively coordinating care for our patients. We commit to:

  1. Improve the health of our patients with quality care in the best care setting for their situation
  2. Enhance the patient experience because consumers have many choices and we must earn their business
  3. Manage the rising cost of care by working as a team, communicating effectively, and reducing costly duplication of services
  4. Increase provider satisfaction because our doctors and other care givers need to be healthy themselves to deliver good healthcare

This is our Quadruple Aim and everything we do is focused on improving in each of these four areas.

Connected Care is available in Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, and Northern California and provides quality healthcare to more than 38,000 employees and their enrolled dependents. This represents 32% of Intel’s U.S. employees and their families with 94% satisfaction.

Supporting Your Health with Care Coordination

If you or a dependent are managing a chronic or complex illness, ACN is here to help. Our Care Coordination team works closely with your doctors and you to help manage your condition with the goal to reduce the likelihood of hospitalization and help you achieve your best health.

Care coordination is useful for any patient but it can be especially helpful to those with chronic or complex health conditions like diabetes, obesity, COPD, depression, cancer or even one-time issues that require surgery and/or hospitalization.

For ACN Care Coordination needs, call: 1-800-974-4517

Thank you for choosing Connected Care AZ. We look forward to serving you and your family with high quality healthcare at a lower cost.

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