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ACN Direct Connect

Arizona Care Network provides custom employer health benefit plans for self-funded businesses.

In a self-funded (also known as self-insured) plan, the employer assumes financial risk to provide healthcare benefits to employees. By partnering with an accountable care organization like Arizona Care Network, employers can offer plans that are outcome-oriented and designed to produce a healthier, more productive workforce.

ACN Direct Connect™ gives employers transparency and flexibility to efficiently manage their benefit offering. It’s a collaborative approach to healthcare that’s built around the patient and their needs, from a clinical and a financial perspective.

ACN Direct Connect Partners


ACN is the provider network for Intel’s Connected Care health plan. By partnering with an organization like ACN, Intel’s Connected Care health plan offers lower deductibles, co-insurance percentages, and out-of-pocket maximums compared to other plans.

Dignity Health

ACN is the Tier 1 provider network for Dignity Health Arizona’s employee health benefit plan. Enrollees can maximize their healthcare benefits by seeing ACN providers at ACN facilities.

If you’re an employer in Maricopa County who’s interested in a self-funded plan with ACN, please contact 602.406.6603.

If you’re an employee enrolled in an ACN plan and would like more information, please call 602.406.7226.

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