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What is Clinical Integration?

A clinically integrated network (CIN) is a group of hospitals, physicians and other medical providers working together to improve the quality of healthcare while reducing cost. This team-based approach helps providers communicate and collaborate in a more efficient healthcare environment.

Accountable Care vs. Clinical Integration

At Arizona Care Network, you may hear the terms “accountable care organization” and “clinically integrated network” used interchangeably. That’s because ACN is both.

A CIN can serve as the physician platform for building an ACO, providing the legal framework needed to align a large group of independent physicians around goals for standardization, coordination, efficiency, and other critical metrics.

Accountable Care Organization

  • Delivers high-quality coordinated care to Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries
  • Can expand into commercial programs
  • Primary care providers can only participate in one CMS program
  • Specialists can be members of multiple ACOs

Clinically Integrated Network

  • Delivers high-quality coordinated care to commercial insurance beneficiaries
  • All providers can participate in multiple CINs

A Physician-Led Network

Arizona Care Network is a physician-led organization that works together to develop and maintain clinical initiatives designed to control costs and improve the quality of inpatient and outpatient care.

The physicians who serve on ACN’s governing boards and committees represent all regions of the Valley and a blend of primary care physician and specialists.

ACN’s physician-led boards and committees include:

  • Next Gen Board of Mangers
  • MSSP Board of Managers
  • Specialist Advisory Board
  • Finance and Payer Contracting Committee
  • Quality and Performance Management Committee
  • Compliance Committee
  • Network Committee

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