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Cigna Plans

Cigna and Arizona Care Network are working together to help drive down costs while delivering the quality care you know and expect in the greater Phoenix area. Rooted in a shared passion for customer-centered care, our close collaboration allows us to:

  • Help ensure our customers receive quality, coordinated care in the right setting
  • Identify medical cost drivers and help reduce the cost of care
  • Create a more seamless care experience to help drive engagement and improve customer satisfaction
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Cigna SureFit with Arizona Care Network and Affiliates

The Cigna SureFit® solution – in collaboration with Arizona Care Network – delivers access to local, quality health care at an affordable price. It offers clients potential up-front savings of 15%–20%*, while providing:

  • Access to a local, high-value network of doctors, hospitals and specialists in greater Phoenix.
  • Medical, pharmacy, behavioral health and care management services – so we can help better address customers’ whole health.
  • The Cigna One Guide® service, our highest level of personal, intelligent support.

And, as part of the Cigna Collaborative Care® Accountable Care program, Arizona Care Network providers are rewarded for meeting evidence-based standards that help improve quality, lower total medical cost and improve satisfaction. This means it’s easier for customers to access efficient, affordable care within the Cigna SureFit network.

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Cigna LocalPlus with Arizona Care Network

LocalPlus® health plans offer patients cost-efficient access to a local network that is limited to quality doctors, specialists and hospitals who understand the needs of the community.

Cigna’s LocalPlus plan with Arizona Care Network gives patients access to healthcare providers and facilities across the valley. If a patient is away from home and needs care, they can look for any participating LocalPlus doctor in the area. For areas without LocalPlus providers, Cigna offers an Away From Home Care feature for coverage at the in-network cost.

Learn More about Cigna LocalPlus

Online Provider Resources

Providers can go to to access a host of online resources.

This site includes resources such as eligibility and claims info, payment reports if the provider is receiving EFTs, demographic updates, etc. There is also a brief video on the homepage that provides an overview. While many of the education and training resources are on Cigna’s public site, some of the resources require a provider to log-in to access protected sections. Most of Cigna’s contracted providers already have access to the site. However, if they have any challenges during the registration process, there is plenty of support available.

Cigna Telehealth Vendors

Depending on their employer’s plan, Cigna customers may access telehealth services to treat minor medical conditions or connect with a board-certified doctor via video or phone.**

Customers are able to choose from two Telehealth vendors, American Well and MDLIVE. They can visit either website or call to register.

* Percentage of savings is estimated based on an internal Cigna study conducted in 2017 comparing Cigna’s SureFit network to Cigna’s Open Access Plus (OAP) network in Phoenix assuming equivalent benefit structure, deductibles, copay and out-of-pocket maximum limits.

Savings range represents the potential savings and is not guaranteed. Savings will also vary depending on plan design, geographic distribution and utilization patterns.

**AmWell and MDLIVE are independent companies/entities; not affiliates of Cigna. These services are provided exclusively by AmWell/MDLIVE and not by Cigna. Providers are solely responsible for treatment provided. Services may not be available in all areas or with all providers. AmWell/MDLIVE services are separate from Cigna’s health plan networks. A PCP referral is not required for AmWell/MDLIVE services. See vendor sites for complete details.

Arizona Care Network is an independent company/entity. Health care providers are solely responsible for the treatment provided to their patients. All Cigna products and services are provided exclusively by or through operating subsidiaries of Cigna Corporation, including Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company or its affiliates. The Cigna name, logo, and other Cigna marks are owned by Cigna Intellectual Property, Inc. As to Cigna content/properties, (C) 2019 Cigna. All rights reserved.

Some providers may not participate in your insurance plan network, whereby services provided by them may result in a higher than expected patient responsibility. For Cigna customers, please login to to review your plan coverage, find providers, manage and track claims, and access wellness tools and resources.

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