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Healthcare is finally getting all better.

What do you want from your healthcare?

  • Something that feels less like a system and more like a service.
  • Access to the doctors you need when you need them.
  • A way to manage healthcare costs.
  • A patient experience that doesn’t leave you feeling even worse.
  • Confidence that someone is looking out for your best health, even when you have to see multiple providers.
  • A way to make the whole healthcare process simpler.

Wouldn’t that be better?

Arizona Care Network™ – ACN — is a healthcare service for patients and healthcare providers.

All our doctors share in the responsibility to improve healthcare. We all work together to improve quality and reduce costs by actively managing care for our patients. This is a useful service for anyone but it’s especially valuable if you have a chronic or complex health issues, because you may be at risk for worsening health and higher costs because of your disease. Our physician leaders set care standards based on research-verified best practices and track the metrics that matter most. A large part of our success relies on how we positively affect your health and satisfaction. In the traditional world of healthcare, doctors are only paid based on the number of medical services they bill to you and your insurance company. ACN doctors earn rewards when they improve your health, reduce the cost of care and deliver a better patient experience. Now that’s a better state of care.

Providers participate in ACN because they believe that this integrated healthcare delivery model is better for patients and better for healthcare overall.

Healthcare is complicated. Let us help make it easier.

At ACN, we’re healthcare insiders.

We understand the healthcare delivery system and how to bring all the pieces together in a way that’s proven to deliver better outcomes. We want to put our knowledge and resources to work for you.

Here’s what you get with ACN:

Better access to the healthcare you need

  • ACN providers are located throughout Maricopa County with some in Pima County — about 5,500 to choose from. We have the largest primary care provider (PCP) network of any clinically integrated network in the state — more than 1,000 available to serve as the center point for your healthcare team. More than 80% of our primary care offices can provide same-day appointments. And our specialists respond to referrals from network PCPs quickly. All are committed to ACN standards of safe, effective, collaborative care.
  • Use our Find a Doc tool and find the doctor or healthcare facility to fit your unique needs
  • Call the ACN Concierge team for personal service at 602.406.7226 │ 1.855.218.3451
  • Email


Doctors who have the right tools to deliver the best care

Doctors became doctors to help people. Heal people. But today, doctors have to spend way too much of their time on the paperwork and inefficient, outdated administrative processes. And that means time away from their patients. They’ve joined ACN because we help them streamline a lot of that, so they can get back to doing what they do best. We provide doctors with:

  • Insights into their patients who are due for assessments or care so they can help you maintain your good health and catch issues before they get more difficult to manage.
  • Research and care standards on the most effective way to treat patients with complex or chronic conditions like diabetes, heart conditions, COPD and more.
  • Technology to streamline referrals within the network. This leads to improved collaboration by everyone on your healthcare team and saves money on your healthcare costs.
  • Good communication every step of the way. Wouldn’t it be nice if your PCP knew the results of your appointment with the specialist? If all the doctors treating you worked together to make sure their care plans didn’t conflict? We give our doctors information that would be hard for them to get otherwise. This means you get better, more coordinated care at each point along the way.

Support to achieve your best health

When you have a serious health challenge, wouldn’t it be amazing to have a personal team dedicated to helping you get better? ACN’s care coordination team is made up of Registered Nurses, Navigators, Social Workers and Health Coaches who work as an extension of your doctor’s care to ensure your health keeps improving between doctors’ visits. We customize our team for each patient, based on your unique health situation to help you:

  • Find a doctor covered under your insurance plan.
  • Get answers to health questions and concerns. We’ll track down accurate medical information and refer you to resources you can trust.
  • Support you with managing chronic illness. If you have a complex health condition, we can help you follow your doctor’s care plan, maximize your health, and reduce the chances you’ll end up in the hospital. We’ll help coordinate appointments and even go to the doctor with you if you wish.
  • Help with transitions of care, when you may be at highest risk for readmission to the hospital. We’ll help you or your caregiver coordinate between your doctor(s) and the hospital, skilled nursing facility or rehab center so that you are seen for follow-ups at the right time. This helps prevent return trips to the hospital.

You may already be an ACN member based on the primary care provider you see and/or your insurance benefits.

Not sure?

Call our concierge line at 602.406.7226 │1.855.218.3451 or email

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