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How to Participate

Thank you for your interest in participating with Arizona Care Network (ACN)

Arizona Care Network (ACN) is a physician-led network of clinicians and other healthcare providers committed to a value-based approach to improving outcomes for patients across the full continuum of care. Participants are accountable to one another for the quality of care and cost to patients covered under ACN’s value-based agreements.

Participation Criteria

The ACN Network Committee considers a variety of factors when reviewing clinicians for participation, including the following requirements and expectations:

  • Unrestricted license to practice in Arizona
  • Advanced practitioners supervised by a licensed physician of the same specialty
  • Participation in Federal health care programs
  • Credentialed and contracted with one or more ACN payer partner
  • Positive reputation within the community and among ACN providers
  • Operational EHR
  • Coordinate care within ACN’s network of providers and facilities

For certain specialties, provisional or active privileges at an ACN contracted facility are required per the policy available here.

As of 7/15/2017, providers in certain designated specialties who admit patients and/or perform procedures in hospital or outpatient facility settings are required to be credentialed and maintain privileges at an ACN contracted care setting to participate in ACN.

To assist providers that must pursue privileges with an Aligned Facility to remain contracted with ACN, we have provided information on how to begin the medical staff application process for either an Abrazo Community Health Network or a Dignity Health Arizona hospital facility:

  • Abrazo Community Health Network: Providers should download and submit the Abrazo Data Collection Form. Upon receipt, a link to an online pre-application will be sent to the provider.
  • Dignity Health – St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center & St. Joseph’s Westgate Medical Center: Providers should download and follow the instructions in the SJHMC Initial Application Packet. To apply for privileges, providers must (1) complete and submit the information requested in this packet and (2) complete an initial East Valley CVO application by following the instructions available here.
  • Dignity Health – Chandler Regional Medical Center & Mercy Gilbert Medical Center: Providers should complete an initial East Valley CVO application by following the instructions available here.

Joining ACN

Clinicians interested in participating with ACN should complete the Provider Pre-Screen Form.

Network Committee Review

Clinicians must be approved by the physician members of ACN’s Network Committee and sign a standard agreement to participate in ACN, a copy of which is available for review upon request. The Network Committee meets on the third Wednesday of every other month. Complete applications received by the second Wednesday during months in which the committee meets are often reviewed during that month’s meeting.

Application Denial Appeals

Clinicians and other health care provider organizations not approved to participate in ACN are eligible to re-apply 12 months from the date the application was declined. Applicants may also appeal the decision as outlined below:

  • The Provider must notify ACN by email ( of the intent to appeal within 30 days of the date on the denial notice.*
  • A written appeal for initial consideration by the Network Committee is submitted. containing relevant information and reasoning for the committee to further evaluate. Within the written appeal, the Provider may request an opportunity to present directly to the Network Committee during a 15-minute time slot at an upcoming Committee meeting.
  • The Network Committee will deliberate on the appeal and formally arrive upon a recommended action for consideration at the next Board of Managers’ meeting. (Recommendations regarding the declined application require Board approval).
  • The Board of Managers’ decision will be final, but the provider is eligible to re-apply 12 months following the original application denial.

*Currently there are limited appeal options for certain denials, including concerns with the provider’s state license, Federal program exclusions, and/or privileges at an Aligned Facility.

Pediatric Providers

If you exclusively serve pediatric patients and are interested in participating in Arizona Care Network, please visit Phoenix Children’s Care Network. PCCN can also be reached by email or by calling (602) 933-7226.

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