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Choosing the right healthcare partner has never been more important

Employee healthcare costs consume an ever-growing percentage of your business budget.

Are you getting more value from this investment in employee health? If not, it may be time to try something else.

Arizona Care Network™ (ACN) reduces healthcare costs by improving how care is managed. Our innovative approach has reduced total medical costs across a wide variety of insurance products. In fact, we’ve documented $40.5 million in savings compared to products that don’t actively manage care like we do.

Yes, you can save money on employee benefits without sacrificing quality.

Insurance plans with ACN give you access to a large, integrated delivery system. We offer the combined assets of Dignity Health Arizona and Abrazo Community Health Network and hundreds of independent practitioners. We partner with Phoenix Children’s Care Network to give members access to Arizona’s largest and most robust pediatric care. This creates a large, diverse, high-performing network of providers and facilities – 6,000 providers in 1,800 locations valley-wide in all.

With all the insurance plans we participate in, ACN works to improve health and better manage plan costs through clinical integration, care coordination and population health management.

A New Way to Deliver Care

Traditionally, doctors just don’t get enough data on their patients. They see them for a few minutes perhaps a couple of times a year. This is the old model.

ACN’s new model of care puts actionable patient data in the hands of our providers more efficiently. We pioneered the use of blockchain technology for provider networks and use our technology solution to give our network providers real-time quality information so they can provider better, more integrated care.

It’s Your Choice

What works best for your employee population?

A fully-insured commercial product? A customized, self-funded plan? Perhaps a hybrid plan? You can choose among several employee health plans powered by ACN.

ACN Direct Connect™

A custom solution If you want a fully customized approach to employee health benefits and your company self-funds your plan, ACN Direct Connect may be the best choice for you. Under this model, you and ACN co-create an employee benefits plan. You bring the expertise on your employee population and your company’s needs. We bring our expertise in creating a unique, flexible and customized employee benefits program that will deliver better outcomes and lower overall costs. With ACN Direct Connect, you’ll have direct access to our physician leadership team – the Chief Medical Officer, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, CMO, Executive Director of Clinical Services and Medical Director of Population Health – all available to talk through unique issues or resolve roadblocks. This helps your employees receive the best care and can reduce your costs. We offer:

  • A customized employer experience
  • Better member experience
  • Highly integrated care – a strategically assembled network of providers and facilities who collaborate to improve care at every step along a patient’s healthcare journey.
  • Clinical integration model – comprehensive, coordinated care
  • Reinsurance To learn more, check out our extensive interview in the Phoenix Business Journal

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A self-funded employer is responsible for the total medical cost of their employees. I see an absolute role for the employer group to say, ‘Since I’m paying for everything in the best interest of my company and my employees, I want a seat at the table, talking directly to those that deliver the health care.’ When you as a leader are responsible financially for your employees, I think it is appropriate for you to be able to sit down directly with those of us that deliver health care.

– David Hanekom, CEO, Arizona Care Network

Additional Downloads for Employers

Arizona Care Network Fact Sheet

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Value-Based Care

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Interested in joining ACN?

Contact us for more information on how a commercial or ACN Direct Connect™ custom plans can save your company money and offer exceptional benefits to your employees.

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