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Annual Wellness Visits are Important

Preventative Health Check Ups Keep You Healthy

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Just as you would not delay maintenance on your car, you should not delay routine maintenance on your own health. Annual visits with your doctor help you develop and maintain an open relationship with your primary care provider. They also give you the opportunity to review your current health status. These visits are covered by most health insurance plans and are a great time to discuss your family health history and personal health goals.

Dr. Chukwurah from New Life Health Care said, “Your annual visit to your primary care provider is a great place for you to engage with your primary care provider and review your overall health. There have been many advances in medicine, such as the screening tools for colon cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer that help prevent such diseases from being fatal. It is important that you take advantage of your primary care visit and create your health plan to maintain your health and well-being.”

There are many personal health benefits of annual wellness checkups, including:

  • Identify early signs of life-threatening health issues, before they become more difficult to treat
  • Stay up-to-date on recommended vaccinations and screenings for your age
  • Discuss and monitor existing health concerns or issues
  • Review your current medications, discuss proper use, and make adjustments if necessary
  • Learn how you can maintain your current health with your lifestyle

“It [your annual wellness visit] gives your primary care provider the opportunity to thoroughly review your health and to help you manage any chronic conditions. The well visit also includes review and proper use of medications, as well as age-appropriate preventative screenings,” the doctors at Sun Lakes Family Physicians said.

Schedule Your Annual Visit

If you have not seen your doctor in over a year, we encourage you to schedule an appointment today. Need to find an in-network provider? Use the Find a Provider tool on our website to locate a doctor near you.

If you need assistance scheduling an appointment, our concierge team is here to help. They are a team of dedicated healthcare professionals that are part of your healthcare team. Contact the concierge today by calling 602-406-7226 or emailing

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