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Regular HbA1c Tests: A Critical Part of Diabetes Management

Get Answers About Testing Frequency, Healthy Target Numbers, and More

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If you are living with diabetes, you are probably familiar with the names of regular health screenings that are necessary to maintain your overall health. Recommended screenings include HbA1c, albumin-to-creatinine ratio (ACR), blood pressure readings, and more. While it is important to stay up to date on all of these screenings, one of the most crucial tests in managing diabetes and keeping you healthy is the A1c test.

Check out the frequently asked questions we have compiled below to get key facts about this important screening.

Why is it Important to Get my A1c Measured Regularly?

A1c tests measure your average blood sugar levels over the past three months. A high A1c can put you at an increased risk for complications such as nerve damage, kidney disease and vision loss. These complications can become extremely serious, so it is imperative that people living with diabetes monitor their A1c according to their doctor’s recommendation.

“HbA1c is a lifetime test for people living with diabetes,” Dr. Iweha, an endocrinologist at Panda Medical Associates said. ” Staying on top of it makes it easier to control.”

How Often Should I have my A1c Tested?

Testing recommendations vary from person to person and it is always best to talk to your doctor. He or she will create an individualized schedule for you based on several factors including your risk factors, medication changes, target A1c levels, and more.

The American Diabetes Association shares the guidelines below as a reference for a common frequency:

  • Every six months if your last A1C was in goal range.
  • Every three months if your medications have changed or your last A1C was not in your target range.

If you are living with diabetes and have not seen your doctor for HbA1c testing in over six months, schedule an appointment today. Contact ACN’s concierge team if you need help finding a doctor or scheduling an appointment. Call 602.406.7226 or email

What is the Target Range for a Healthy A1c?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the ideal A1c for most people with diabetes is 7 percent or less. However, this target number will also vary from person to person and depends on factors including your age and other medical conditions. Talk to your doctor to identify a target that works best for you.

Can I Measure My A1c at Home?

When it comes to your A1c, some form of monitoring is always better than no form of monitoring. We understand that things happen and there may be a time where you are unable to see your doctor at the time they recommend.

This is the perfect time to use at-home A1c tests to your advantage. These tests are easy to use and there are many FDA-approved brands available at local pharmacies and online retailers. Some insurance companies will even cover the cost of the tests, which can run between $50 and $150.


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