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As medical costs increase and represent a larger percentage of an organization’s budget, employers are looking for alternatives that reduce costs but still offer excellent coverage for their employees.

Employers tell us they are looking for health coverage that can:

  • Improve the quality of patient care and outcomes
  • Increase price transparency and cost predictability
  • Steer employees to a curated provider network, where quality and cost are more easily managed
  • Enhance the patient experience

Here are some resources to help answer the questions you have about value based contracting.

Value-based Care: For Employers, It’s a Prescription for the Future

Value-based care is designed with patients in mind. The idea is to keep them healthy and help those with chronic or acute conditions find the best, most cost-effective treatments and avoid escalation to more costly interventions. For companies, the result is a healthier workforce that stands to be more productive on the job.

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New Health Benefits Model Expands Employer Control

A round table discussion on how the customized care model improves outcomes, reduces costs.

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